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A Product That Exploded a Smoke Shop's Bank Account

In March of 2018, a bright, warm sunny day, I decided I wanted to find somewhere to purchase

 some cones because, hey, I still can't roll.  I drove around for 20 minutes, finally finding a smoke shop.  It was tiny and empty - like grave yard empty. I noticed a brand of cones that stuck out and purchased them without a second thought. When I stopped by a few months later,  the store was completely renovated and that one brand was now 60% of the store! I asked the store clerk,  "How did this happen?" He said, "Dude! This brand sells like hot cakes! The owners cannot keep them on the shelves! He and his wife often say they might only sell this brand exclusively because it is genius! So many people do not know how to roll."  I exclaimed,  "Wow! One brand did this?"

Suicidal Thoughts:

A Founder's Story

I was always happy. I was born and raised in St. James, Jamaica. After leaving the island, I joined the U.S. Navy at the age of 19. Upon completing 8 years of honorable service, I was diagnosed with PTSD and discharged. 

good vibes leaf
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Ending  your Rolling frustrations

in just one click.

If rolling to you is like introducing college calculus to a 3rd grader, say aye! Welcome to the new you because you no longer have to roll S%#*! You're welcome.


How Good Vibes Leaf Founded

January 2017, the founder was at his home relaxing with his life partner, now business partner, Ashley. They shared a huge problem. He struggled with depression and PTSD resulting from  prior military service:   2 deployments with 8 years of honorable service. Ashley suffered from anxiety and depression brought on from the loss of both her parents at a young age. These feelings never go away, bringing them both down. At times, these feelings  amplified. 

Is your cone

pulling weird?

try this.